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The Flight Division is run by the Director, Flight Operations (DFO) with the Assistant Director (ADFO) as one of the Wing Commanders. The DFO has his own Yeoman who serves as the Chief Yeoman for the Division. Each Wing Commander has one Yeoman for the Wing who is the Senior Yeoman for the Wing and each Squadron has one yeoman for the Squadron.

There are three Wings with four Squadrons in each Wing. Each of the Wings is known by a Chess Piece (Knight, Bishop, Rooks) and each Squadron has a color (Black, Silver, Blue and Gold). For example, the 425th Wing's 18th Squadron is known as The Silver Knights.

Each Squadron has ten pilots, ten mission specialists and thirty ground techs assigned. While there are spare planes, mission readiness requires 10 planes with pilots and Tac Officers per squadron to be available for launch at all times.

The maintenance of the fighter crafts is done by the ground technicians. The most senior of all Ground Techs is the Division's Senior Ground Technician, Flight Ops (who is one of the Senior Wing Techs). Each Division has a Senior Wing Tech who supervisors the Squadron Chief Technicians. Each Squadron Chief Tech supervises the Ground Techs in each Squadron.

The last major player in the Flight Division are the Traffic Control Officers. All TCOs are supervised by the Senior Flight TCO who is normally one of the Wing TCOs. Each Wing has 10 TCOs who are supervised by the Senior Wing TCO. There is a minimum of two TCOs per watch with one in the control tower and one to supervise the hangar deck traffic.

Nexus Fiction will concentrate mostly on the 425th Wing. Link here for a page with a personnel break down as of January 2338, the start of the fiction (caveat, as Nexus fiction proceeds, this list will have changes!)

More information will be added as Nexus Fiction progresses...

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