Cast of Characters &

Note: Ranks & information refer to their most recent  (current) status.

Also, because this list serves two universes: Starfleet/United Federation of Planets and the Galactic Confederation, some names/situations have changed. In those cases, I have cross-referenced the material as best as I could!

For a fuller explanation of the dual universes check out the fiction page.

WARNING: These Descriptions May Contain Spoilers!

Argent, Arcadia Laekna-Warda (see Devlin)

(note-in the Galactic Confederation Nexus Universe, Devlin becomes Trahearn and Miskinn Warda becomes Laekna-Warda)
Captain: Chief Medical Officer, Space Station Nexus. Married to Captain Kyle Argent. Former Commanding Officer of the USS Stellar Wind/Soyakaze. (Based on the actress Angela Bassett.)
Argent, Ariel Beatrice Civilian: Younger and only sibling of Kyle Argent. Historian and lecturer. Married to Isabell.
Argent, Byron McNeil Captain: Provisional Commandant of the Starfleet/Galactic Confederation Fighter Corps when the Articles of Affiliation were signed and grandfather of Kyle and Ariel. (Based on the actor Danny DeVito.)
Argent, Kyle Descoyne Captain: Station Commander, Space Station Nexus. Married to Arcadia Argent. (Based on the actor Scott Glenn.)
Argent, Machiavelli (Mac) Intrepid Feline companion of Kyle later Arcadia, not of this Earth.
Argent, Martine Madelyn Descoyne Civilian: Kyle and Ariel Argent's mother.
Argent, Reesa Lieutenant: Kyle Argent's deceased first wife. (Based on actress Emma Thompson.)
Barton, Clark Nurse: Medical Department of Space Station Nexus
Basie, Duke  Civilian: Bandleader, Serenade in Blue orchestra
Blair, Terrence Crown Captain: Director, Flight Ops, Space Station Nexus. Former Chief Fighter Corps Investigator and as such, worked very close with Commodore Cordell Naismith. (Based on the actor James Morrison from Space: Above and Beyond.)
Brendan, Jake  Civilian: bass player
Courage, Kavindra "Avalanche"  Wing Commander, 206th Wing (The Bishops) & Pilot, 93rd Squadron (The Black Bishops); later Wing Commander of the 425th (The Knights)
Dallenbach, Brett "RoughRider"  Ensign: Tactical Officer, 13th Squadron (The Black Knights)
Davison, Benjamin "Bennie" Oakland Rear Admiral: Commandant, Starfleet/Galactic Confederation Spaceforce Fighter Corps. (Based on the actor Paul Winfield.)
Deveraux, Ayesha Marek-Vynne

(note-in the Galactic Confederation Nexus Universe, her name changes to Iesha Marek-Vynne Deveraux)
Lieutenant Commander: Former Marine now Shadowhawk pilot on Space Station Nexus assigned to the Black Knights (13th Squadron of the 425th Wing). Goes by the call-sign: Talon. Former Special Forces Liaison on the USS Stellar Wind/Soyakaze. Currently involved with Roscoe. (Based on actress/model Iman.)
Deveraux, Iesha Marek-Vynne
see Deveraux, Ayesha Marek- Wynne
Devlin, Arcadia (see Argent)

(note-in the
Galactic Confederation Nexus Universe, Devlin becomes Trahearn)
Former Commanding Officer of the USS Stellar Wind/Soyakaze.
Devlin, Desmond Newlin

(note-in the Galactic Confederation Nexus Universe, Devlin becomes Trahearn)
Lieutenant Commander: Arcadia Argent's deceased first husband. (Based on actor Ron Ely.)
D'vorak, Avatar Marek-Vynne Lieutenant: Current assignment, Security Branch, Delta Squad Commander. She is Vaegan, 6' 2" tall, dark skinned with red hair and hazel eyes. She's a typical Marek-Vynne -- a very fierce warrior.
El Jafeer, Jefferson Lieutenant: Chief of Staff for the Station Commander. Tall with middle eastern features, Jeff is highly competent and really enjoys being the Chief of Staff for Captain Kyle Argent. (Based on Julian Bashir of DS9.)
Elangonel, Calandra  Galenan: Consort to His Excellency Kadar
Farina, Hussan "Cowboy"  Ensign: Pilot, 13th Squadron (The Black Knights)
Favyan, Rendor  Galenan: Director, Galenan Security Service
Fokker, Claudia Grant Civilian: Former Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Stellar Wind/Soyakaze, current a civilian doctor. (Based on the actress Alfre Woodard.)
Gallicia, Leah Laekna-Warda  Vaegan: Matriarch of the Vaegan Miskinn-Warda/Laekna-Warda Clan. Leah's only daughter, Allegra and her husband Captain Donnelly/Leland (Lee) D'Arcy, Arcadia's parents, were killed in an accident while Arcadia was at the Academy.
Gateway, Boffin Duchamps Civilian: Former Yeoman to Arcadia Devlin on the USS Stellar Wind/Soyakaze, after the 'Wind was decommissioned, he retired from Starfleet and became a professional gambler. He used his winnings to open a swank night club on Space Station Nexus called Serenade in Blue.
Ivanan, Dwight "Ike" Marine 2nd Lieutenant: Chief of Staff, Medical Branch. Self-described "Starfleet/Galactic Confederation's oldest 2nd Looie," Ike is a career Marine, in his late 40s. He served with both Arcadia during the One-Year War and with Kyle later on. (Based on actor Tom Berenger.)
Ja'Fadey, His Majesty Hakon Galenan: Regent of Galena, (2292-). (Based on the actor Henry Fonda.)
Ja'Fadey, His Excellency Kadar Galenan: Regent of Galena's first born son and direct heir.
Ja'Fadey, Master Piran Galenan: Regent of Galena's second born son. 
Jamison, Johnnie Commodore: Personnel and Support Manager for the Starfleet Experimental Team's annual Rigel Cup Competition Entries.
Jamison, Maybelle Tamiko Civilian: Former Starfleet Intelligence Agent. Married to Johnnie Jamison and currently works as a civilian private investigator.
Lad'ren, Doctor  Galenan: Director, Havram Bey Treatment Center, Southern Continent
Lysander, Lars "Viking"  Commander: Deputy Director of Flight Operations, Flight Branch; Pilot, 13th Squadron (The Black Knights), former Wing Commander, 425th; companion to Ike Ivanan.
Marlowe, Melody Shalamar Ensign: Yeoman to the Station Commander, Space Station Nexus. Melody is tall, dark and luscious. She is an extremely efficient at her job. (Based on the model Tyra Banks.)
Maturin, Aubrey Lieutenant Commander: Former USS Stellar Wind Astrophysist, currently teaches astronomy at the Hertzsprung-Russell University of Stellar Science on Terra II.
MacGwynn, Dobry Doctor Lieutenant: Senior Flight Surgeon, Space Station Nexus
Molynex, Cassandra "Archer"  Majordomo, nightclub Serenade in Blue; former mission specialist to Gareth Roscoe. 
Musenda, Dag  Civilian: Rhythm guitar player
Naismith, Cordell Commodore: Chief of Staff of the Starfleet/Galactic Confederation Spaceforce Fighter Corps. (Based on actor Terry O'Quinn.)
Orumoff, Niles Civilian: President and Chief Executive Officer of Orumoff Universal Trading on Nexus Station. (Based on the actor Gabriel Byrne.)
Peckerwood, Throckmorton Civilian: Former Procurement officer of the USS Stellar Wind.
Peel, Amanda Civilian: Executive Assistant to Commodore Cordell Naismith. (Based on actress Helen Mirren.)
Romnal, Dorjan  Galenan: Galenan Security Service Officer
Roscoe, Gareth Civilian: Currently works in an "independent agent" and part owner of Serenade in Blue also involved with Ayesha Deveraux. Former Mission Specialist and Acting Wing Commander on the USS Stellar Wind/Soyakaze. He's never known by anything but Roscoe.
Sparky Space Station Nexus' sentient computer. Tends to give everyone except Captain Kyle Argent, grief
Stoat, Sebastian Ensign: Currently working on assignment to rid several space stations of Planitian Pocket Mice. Former Pest Control Officer on the USS Stellar Wind.
Taylor, Virgil Gordon Lieutenant: Pilot assigned to the 13th Squadron, The Black Knights of the 425th Wing. Goes by the call sign: Merlin. He is the former Maintenance Chief of the Nighthawks on the Stellar Wind/Soyakaze. He also served as a Maintenance Specialist for the new Shadowhawks during the 45th Rigel Cup Competition.
Templar, Simone Lieutenant: Former Communications Officer and "ship's slut" (as more than one crewmember put it) of the USS Stellar Wind/Soyakaze. Met an untimely death during the last mission of the 'Wind.
Towlyn, Christopher Vice Admiral: Admiral of the Fifth Fleet. (Based on actor Malcolm McDowell.)
Trahearn In the Galactic Confederation Nexus universe, Devlin became Trahearn: Arcadia and Desmond Trahearn
Triton, Electra Senior Petty Officer: Yeoman to the CMO. She is middle aged, plain and petite but packs a wallop.
Tucker, Gash  Head barkeep, for the nightclub Serenade in Blue; retired Merchant Marine
van der Weege, Jacob "Dutch" Lieutenant: Tactical Officer, 13th Squadron (The Black Knights)
Williams, Franklyn "Pops"  Senior Petty Officer: Senior Grounds Tech, Flight Branch
Windham, Ashley "Ash" Captain: First Commandant, Starfleet/Galactic Confederation Spaceforce Fighter Corps. Grandfather to Damien Wyndham. He disappeared in 2300. (Based on actor Morgan Freeman.)
Wyndham, Damien Captain: Starfleet/Galactic Confederation Spaceforce Fighter Corps. Team Captain of the Starfleet Experimental Team (X-Team) for the 2337 Rigel Cup. (Based on actor Denzel Washington.)


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