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13th Squadron One of four squadrons of the 425th Wing of Space Station Nexus' Flight Division. Nickname is the Black Knights.
18th Squadron One of four squadrons of the 425th Wing of Space Station Nexus' Flight Division. Nickname is the Silver Knights.
24th Squadron One of four squadrons of the 425th Wing of Space Station Nexus' Flight Division. Nickname is the Blue Knights.
73rd Squadron One of four squadrons of the 425th Wing of Space Station Nexus' Flight Division. Nickname is the Golden Knights.
206th Wing One of three wings of the Space Station Nexus' Flight Division. Nickname is the Bishops.
425th Wing One of three wings of the Space Station Nexus' Flight Division. Nickname is the Knights. Comprised of the 13th Squadron (The Black Knights), 18th Squadron (The Silver Knights), 24th Squadron (The Blue Knights), 73rd Squadron (The Golden Knights).
503rd Wing One of three wings of the Space Station Nexus' Flight Division. Nickname is the Rooks.
Annunciator A door chime; users can program the annunciator to chime, ring, or announce who or what is waiting at the door.
Argent House One of many successful merchant houses. The house colors are navy blue and gold.
Barrister, Kleinschmidt, and Miyamoto Unlimited Very successful mining syndicate.
Bubble Crush Syndrome (BCS) When an anti-grav bubble of an aircraft engulfs a person and causes the person to be engulfed within the bubble. Extraction is certain death.
Callistan bubbling water Very expensive imported sparkling water.
Centurion Class Defense Outpost Space Station Nexus belongs to this class of deep space station.
Cosmic Ray's Zero-X Casino & Resort One of the more "notable" places on Regency Station.
Duubar-Solex Manufacturers of the Solexian Space Engine (SSE).
Firsters Old Establishment Gamblers of Regency Station.
Frae-Salur A Galenan Terrarium. Literally translated as "seed hall," this huge the ovoid crystalline structure usually hovers in a large foyer of a public building or estate. It's filled with native Galenan plants and some have lasted centuries.
Galena M class planet situated in the Obsidian Planetary System rotating about a G2 dwarf. Populated by open and outgoing people, Galena has established extensive contacts throughout the known galaxy and continues to grow and prosper. As a planet it has much natural resource and wealth, notably Duranium and Iranium deposits as well as some dilithium deposits, which has allowed it to build a relatively prosperous society over the last 400 years.
Galactic Confederation's Articles of Organization The guiding principles.
Galactic Confederation's Articles of Organization:  Article 76, Section 48, Paragraphs 14 and 15 "If for any reason a Medical Officer's determination that someone is unfit for duty is found to be caused by matters or interests other then medical ones, said Medical Officer can be made subject to censure by his/her Commanding Officer. If such behavior occurs during a state of war or situation of crisis, said Medical Officer may be subject to prosecution for treasonous activities."
Galactic Confederation Spaceforce  The space fleet of the Galactic Confederation.
Galactic Confederation Spaceforce Fighter Corps As the title implies...
Galactic Universal Syndicate One of the largest news and media processing companies.
The Grayner Trophy An award bestowed by the Rigel Cup Consortium to the  "competitor who not only performs above and beyond the call of duty and does it in a manner that is consistent with Rigel Cup ideals." Known to the pilots as the "Miss Congeniality Award."
The Grandmasters Nickname of the Flight Division of Space Station Nexus. Comprised of the 425th Wing (the Knights), 206th Wing (The Bishops), and 503rd Wing (The Rooks).
Gridnet See Hologrid. A small portion of the grid is used for universal communal communications and the exchange of material that can be compressed into a datastream.
Hologrid Using advanced technology, this system delivers news, sports and entertainment to the far reaches of the galaxies. Also known to some as the gridnet.
Hotel Regency Main hotel of the Regency Station Complex.
IsoLinex One of the major manufactures and distributors of computer components.
Kargol Resembling the North American weasel, they are covered in fawn colored fur and their most notable feature are bright red rings surrounding their dark beady eyes who are evil, nasty, and smelly. These most unpleasant critters have a habit of pissing on critical components.
Kargol Rescue Alliance Better known as the KRA are best known for their rescue of Kargols.
Kialo Religion (some call a cult) who practice stoicism.
Klenot Wood An expensive wood, usually dark brown or black that has minute jewels inlaid which shift color depending on the angle you look at it.
Krisa Cartel Interstellar freight haulers.
MacLaren Interstellar One of the largest designers of small-craft, personal luxury and sport starliners as well as manufacturers of pinnances, luxury yachts, and personal transports.
Noir Several prominent Black/African Americans families in the 23rd century, in order to honor their ancestors, decided to form the so-called "Noir" movement.
Nowlin Decryption Scheme With The Quad Sequence Arcadia's usual encryption scheme.
Onyx Influential holomag specifically aimed at Noir readers.
"Operation Robespierre" Code name Arcadia uses when dealing with Dobry MacGwynn.
Quartermaine's Social and Gambling Club located in the United Kingdom of Earth.
Regency Ball The final large social gathering of the Rigel Cup Competition.
Regency Station Site of the Rigel Cup.
Regency Station Consortium The committee that actually oversees the Rigel Cup Competition.
Regency Station Ladies Club  'nuff said.
Rigel Cup Annual Military and Civilian fighter competition held at Regency Station. During Rigel Week, many manufacturers use the gathering VIPs, pilots and military officials to show off their latest wares.
Rigel Week The week in which the Rigel Cup competition occurs.
Sa'Akers Famous military historian best known of the commentaries and annotations of the Galactic Confederation's Articles of Organization. Required reading at the Academy.
Seattle Metroplex The area between and surrounding Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, Earth.
Shadowhawk The current iteration of the starfighter currently used by the Galactic Confederation's Fighter Corps.
Skyhawk A fighter starcraft. According to Commodore Johnnie Jamison, "the biggest P-O-S we ever tested." 
Solexian Space Engine (SSE) Engines manufactured by Duubar-Solex who field a corporate team each year at the Rigel Cup.
Soyakaze Galactic Confederation of Planets Space Forces spaceship of the line. Her former CO was Captain Arcadia Trahearn (Argent). Also known as the USS Stellar Wind.
Sparky The computer who runs Space Station Nexus. Quite a personality in his own right.
Super Nighthawk Commercial version of the previous iteration of the starfighter currently used by the Fighter Corps.
Taussig Trauma Center The Helen Taussig Trauma Hospital, the main hospital at the Galactic Confederation Space Forces HQ operates as both a teaching hospital and the main Earthside trauma facility.
Terra Nova A mixture of old-style dinner and dance music patterned on 20th century orchestrations. Noted artists include Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, & Jasmine Sainte Clair.
The Testosterone Tattler Leading muckraking news distributor on Regency Station. Also know to more than a few as "Regency Station on the Rag."
Townsend Media Consortium One of the largest media companies. Best known for their testosterone-oriented hologrid programming.
Transliner A comfortable but expensive way of civilian space travel.
Tritanium Element used for the core for stardrives.
Vaega Largest of several inhabited planets located in the Tourmaline Sector.
Westland Hall The Argent's homestead located in near Mount Hood in Oregon.
X-Team One of several Galactic Confederation Fighter Corps Teams, specifically the  Experimental Team (X-Team) competing in the Rigel Cup.

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