(aka Sparky's Log)

Here we are with a new year (as if 'puters care about such things). Captain and Doctor Argent are giving a party to celebrate not only the New Year but to thank her medwatch crew ("The Finer Things"). Luckily, she's all recovered from her serious injuries ("Through the Fire and Into the Light") from last year. I'm glad too 'coz I really like her!

Everyone, especially Boffin Gateway is all excited about the opening of his new club ("Manhunt!"), Serenade in Blue. He's even booked Jasmine Sainte Clair as his opening act. Wow... looks like things are likely to get really excited around here real soon now. Too bad about Avalanche and the other flight officers. Perhaps it will all work out.

Gee, it was really nice of the Grandmasters to make Doctor Argent an honorary pilot ("Isn't Life Strange?"). I wish I could fly and we have a new addition to the media folks. Lt Antherton Wordsworth is gonna be the official journalist for the Starfleet New Service here on Nexus. He'll be arriving soon. Wow... I love awards ("One Moment in Time") and boy, did Doctor Argent have a hard job when she was Commanding Officer of the Stellar Wind. Captain Argent must be proud of the award he received for his Wing but what about all the people who died...

Lots of interesting things going on around here ("His Majesty Requests"). Nexus and Galenan shipping is taking a beating. So much so that the merchants have quit their routes. Then, the Captain requests a task force and he got more than he bargained for. And then, the Captain and Doctor Argent are invited not once but twice to meet with the Regent of Galena. Wow! At least things turned out alright (we hope). 

There was a bad accident on the flight deck today ("An Unexpected Death"). I've never seen anyone die like that. It was sad but Doctor Argent helped him out. Ravyn came back after Brett died ("Put Your Dreams Away") but Chris and Yuki had to go. They were such a nice couple. 

Oh... wow... I never thought this would happen! Doctor Argent and Captain Argent fought over a young Galenan Girl who wanted asylum ("His Majesty Regrets"). This is all very sad.

Sparky's Log for 2338

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