(aka Sparky's Log)

Boy, the XO is all a flutter. Our very own Commander Senior Grade (always gotta remember to append the SG to her files 'coz she gives me hell if I don't) Sasha Romanova is accessing datafiles as if she were a madwoman. Calm down already, Sasha! I'm moving the electrons as fast as I can! Oh... that's why, the new Station Commander, one Captain Kyle Descoyne Argent -- what kind'o name is Descoyne anyway? -- is arriving in a few days. Oh, really! He's bringing the CMO, Captain Arcadia Devlin with him? Oh... they're married and they just got married too. Wow!

Damn, there she goes again. Sasha's sending out notes to all the Heads to make sure they haul their butts to the transporter room when he arrives. Hope she remembers to log him in officially as the new Station Commander. It's such a pain in the patoot to have to re-accomplish the paperwork. SFHQ gets so damned fussy about these things.

As for the Heads.... I dunno about them. Commander Nick Hale is our new Chief of Security. When did he arrive... oh yeah, he was first of the new Heads to come aboard. Hmm... first station assignment too. Seems to be getting along OK. Looks like he's a real stick in the mud. He expects everything to be followed to the letter by the officers under his command -- how fascinating. Our last station Security Chiefs let things slide into the cracks. Not this boy -- 'coz one of the first things he did was pull up Argent's file. He's definitely on the ball this one.

OK, now that the Big Cheese is gonna be here soon -- and in my cybernetic opinion -- none too damned soon. That old SC was a real loser. Commodore Karyn Everheart -- or as some of the wags around here called her Everheartless fell ill and had to be shipped out. Since the new SC was coming on shortly, SFHQ decided in their infinite wisdom -- can't disagree with them for once -- to leave Sasha in charge. Real question in my duotronic mind is what kind of Station Commander this Argent is gonna be. He's got his work cut out for himself; this place is a mess if I can believe the message traffic from SFHQ.

What do we have here? A new crewmember just logged in? She's a slender red-haired Trill with green eyes who just arrived on board with her orange-marmalade 'cat in tow that goes by the name of Lieutenant Jinnah Fae and will be assigned as the Squadron Leader of The Blue Knights. As far as I'm concerned, the less said about those damned pilots the better.

D-Day -- They've finally arrived ("This is the Moment!"). Captain Kyle Descoyne Argent finally arrived and is he tall or what? Sheesh. Gave me hell too. I guess I'm not gonna get away with much with him but I'm sure gonna try. The new CMO, Captain (no... she prefers Doctor) Arcadia Miskinn-Warda Argent is a real stunner. Gee, almost makes me want to be human -- naw. I like being a 'puter. Looks like everyone is settling down OK. He left Sasha in charge of the day to day administration of the Station while he takes care of the Fighters. Boy, you shoulda seen the look on Lysander's face when he went in to talk to -- what did he call him -- the Old Man.... Hmm.... think that's what I'll call Kyle... er Captain Argent. Damn, is he mean or what?

Wait! You can't do that! Wait... No fair -- he did a command override on me. Wonder what he and the CMO hadda discuss in private?

Anastasia Kildare is one busy puppy. First she works a full day at her 'fleet job and then she spends the rest of the night at her establishment, the Nexolodean. Huh? Most humans around here need a few hours sleep. Not her. Wow! She's a what? A Kindred? Oh, well, what did I expect, if it exists in the universe, Nexus usually gets at least one. Y'know, she's quite an interesting woman once you get to read her logs.... like I do -- hee-hee-hee...

Well... the Big Cheese finally had his first Division Head meeting. It was no big deal. They all came, he talked they listened and took notes. Then when everyone went back to their offices, I was flooded with stuff to do. No fair!

Oh... boy... Doctor Argent and Acting DFO Lars Lysander are in for it now ("The Story in Your Eyes"). Captain Argent is really, really angry with them. Wow! He did that to Lars and .... huh? Wow! He didn't? Gee, he did that to his own wife? And I thought he was mean when he said he was gonna wipe out my memory. Doctor Argent just asked me to do some stuff I can't talk about. I can't believe all this was going on in the Hospital. I just hope things work out. All's well that ends well. Who knew that those kinda things were going on at the Hospital? Glad no one was hurt.

That cutie Lieutenant Jinnah Fae just got a note from her boyfriend Virgil Taylor who's gonna be assigned here as a pilot (geeze, how many of them do we need around here anyways?). He really misses her and she misses him. Sigh...

Y'know, being a 'puter has it's advantages 'coz I gotta chance to watch Kim Flowers and the Nexus Nightly News staff as they were putting together the piece on the Flight Branch ("From Dawn till Dusk").. And now finally, everyone else gets to see it tonight!

Geeze, it's been really, really quiet around here since Captain Argent took over as Station Commander. Nothing exciting ever happens anymore. Only thing interesting around here is that fact that who'd a known that Commander Slax, our Chief Science Officer could sing???  She just got the message that she and one of the Doctors from the old Stellar Wind are on their way here... I'm so excited, I hope I don't wet myself... assuming I could wet myself, that is! In other news, I think there's a spy coming as well, because every time I try to find out info on one of our docs, Lieutenant Subik, I run into a Starfleet Intelligence security protocol. Wonder if the CMO knows about this?

There's goes another package to Niles Orumoff ("Through the Window Darkly"). There's something about that person I don't like. He has his own computer network -- one that I can't access and he always has strange people going in and out of his office. And all this secrecy! Too bad 'puters can't just initiate stuff without sufficient cause on their own 'coz that's what I'd do. Orumoff is up to no good.

The Director of Flight Operations -- the last of the Chiefs has finally arrived. Captain Terrence Crown Blair ("Back in the High Life Again") is an old friend of the Captain's. Hmmm.... he seems worried about doing a good job. Wsell, no matter, if Captain Argent sez he can do it, he can do it! If that isn't enough, everyone is in a tizzy 'coz it's almost the Captain's birthday ("The Best Things in Life Are Free"). Wonder what he's gonna get? Too bad 'puters don't have real birthdays 'coz I like getting surprises!

Oh, my! Doctor Argent's been badly hurt ("Through the Fire and Into the Light")  but the Grandmasters are there to help her! (And I got to tell her a story and now she's my best friend!) Well.... at least she's ok and they finally know what happened though it looks like the bad blood between the Wing Commanders is gettin' really bad ("Aftermath").

Looks like the Captain is finally settling in as the CO ("The Great Game"). I can't help but laugh as he's slowly turning into the consummate politician -- at least that's what the Regent of Galena told him. But what about the chocolate? Oh, well, perhaps the smugglers will be back or is there something else at work here?

Another year comes to an end, I'm not sure that 2338 was that good to Niles Orumuff but he's sure interested in what goes on here ("God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen"). And I know that he's up to no good!

Here's hoping that 2339 is an even better year! (On the other hand, computers don't care about such things, do they?)

Sparky's Log, 2339

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