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If you're a new reader to Nexus Fiction,  start with "In Between Times" and read forward.

The stories previous to "In Between Times" are mostly background material -- pre-Stellar Wind and beyond. Not all stories listed below are currently available. Some are in the process of being pitched professionally, but all are listed in the timeline for reference.

Also, the quality of writing varies. Some pieces are from the very early days and read like it. Don't read them for artistic merit, but for background information on the characters and situations. Eventually, the Nexus stories will be rewritten in the Confederation Universe, but the Stellar Wind Fiction will not.

 Those pieces that are being pitched professionally or have been sold have titles in black and descriptions in dark blue. These stories have a different background from the original Stellar Wind Fiction as published below (reference: "Are You Confused Yet?")

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Check back periodically for updates.

All the fiction is presented as pdf files. It is suggested that you download the files and read them off line (right click on the file name and select "save as"). You'll also need Adobe Acrobat 5.0, which is available directly from Adobe.  

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Nexus Space Line


Note: All the stories take place before Arcadia Devlin/Trahearn or Kyle Argent have arrived on the Stellar Wind.

The Forge
(in progress)
Academy Cadet Kyle Argent takes the Kobiyashi Maru Test and makes a decision that shapes the rest of his life.
Eternity Road

While pulling an all-nighter preparing a paper for a medical history class, Marine Medic students Ike Ivanan and Rasul Shukuru meet a fellow traveler on the road of life. 

Scifantastic Logo

Published in the October 2002 edition of Scifantastic -- 

Departure for Destiny
(in progress)
On the eve of their graduation from Starfleet Academy , Kyle Argent and Reesa Ostland discover that their lives are meant to encompass more then just friendship.
Twin Souls
(3,000 words/80k)
When Doctor Arcadia D'Arcy was saved by dashing Security Officer Lt Desmond Newlin Devlin -- their lives were never the same again.
Fields of Gold
Arcadia faces a moral dilemma: to stand true to her profession as a Healer or to perform her duty as an Officer of the Confederation and participate in the execution of a condemned killer.
Nexus Space Line


What you'll read below is material from the USS Stellar Wind's award winning newsletter InterStellar Medium re-edited into short stories. In most cases, the material is presented as it was published, in others, it's been heavily edited to write out characters and to generally make it stand on its own. I admit that the results are mixed. If something doesn't make sense, please contact Allyson. (For those who are interested, Volume I is pre-fighter squadron/Kyle Argent material that is not likely to be re-written for presentation here.)

(Zipped pdf File of the pdfs below marked with an (*): 1.32 meg)

Lieutenant Commander Kyle Argent makes a spectacular arrival at his new duty station: USS Stellar Wind and meets his new CO who is less than enthused about the fighters on board her science ship.
Nighthawks & Shadows*
While mapping gas giants, the Stellar Wind brings aboard a mysterious ship. Squadron Commander Kyle Argent meets some of his crew and the 'Wind is attacked by unknown assailants who hit and run, accomplishing little damage but rattling nerves.
Come Fly With Me!*
As per his custom on a new assignment LtCdr Argent invites the CO of the Stellar Wind on a virtual tour of the fighter, Nighthawks where they find out they have much more in common than they realize.
Squadron Commander LtCdr Kyle Argent swears in the new 618th Training Squadron and his "nuggets" begin their rigorous training for their gold flight wings.
Shall We Dance?*
After losing a bet during a ship's soiree, LtCdr Argent asks the only woman he feels he can ask to dance the waltz with him.
Mixing Pleasure With Business*
Captain Devlin has a favor to ask the Squadron Commander, and in turn, Kyle finds out that his Maintenance Chief has a secret wish.
This Is Not A Drill!*
The new 618th Training Squadron gets more than they bargain for.
Arrival, Redux*
The Training Squadron is short flight personnel so they hold try outs. A ghost from Kyle's past unexpectedly shows up and reluctantly makes himself at home.
Best Intentions*
The Stellar Wind is once again attacked by unknown assailants but this time, the CO finds it difficult to separate her own personal feelings from that of the job she must do.
Honeysuckle Lips*

Three Guardian Angels conspire to get Kyle and Arcadia back together and have a very unique way of doing so.
Nights Of Future Past*
Squadron Commander LtCdr Argent must reconcile the past so he can look forward to the future.
Milk Run*
The Stellar Wind finds herself again under attack but her attackers aren't fighting back as expected.
One of Our XOs is Missing*
The 'Wind finds out why she is being attacked and as a consequence, is allowed shore leave on a planet where some personnel party a bit harder than usual and, oh, yes, they can't find the new XO.
Homeward Bound*
The Stellar Wind completes her assigned voyage and is ordered home to Earth for new equipment and shore leave for her personnel.
Crew adventures between Stellar Wind assignments.
Warning, contains adult situations!
His Small Sacrifice

While Kyle and Arcadia were no strangers, the first time is always the most difficult.

Published 2007 in:

Also, Won Third Place in the 2001 Romance and Beyond Contest in the Science Fiction category.


On the Road Again
(3,000 words/70k)
The Stellar Wind starts her new assignment and no one's happy.
Shadows in the Dark
(7,400 words/310k)
The Stellar Wind suffers unexplained power loses.
The Phantom of the Starship There's a murder on the Stellar Wind and
Wing Commander Kyle Argent is detained as the chief suspect.
There's A Little Black Spot on the Sun Today Several members of the crew conduct their own investigation of the murder.
One Wedding And a Funeral Starfleet investigators arrive to investigate the murder, as another murder is committed against a backdrop of a wedding and a funeral.
Synchronicity The hearing begins to investigate the guilt or innocence of Kyle Argent as many Stellar Wind crewmembers and his legal representative, Captain Terrence Blair frantically try to prove him not guilty.
Comings and Goings Running out of time, Blair puts Kyle on the stand in hopes they can trap the real killer.
Some Gave All The real murderer is revealed just before the 'Wind is attacked, but this time, the 'Wind knows why they are being attacked. However, while protecting the 'Wind, there were those who gave their all.
That's What Friends Are For After the crew takes some needed shore leave, a few of them decide to help Arcadia and Kyle get back together again.
The Best Laid Plans of Cats and Men Enter the Agent Provocateur.
...Must Come To An End The Stellar Wind is badly damaged after this last assault and is being towed back to SFHQ on Earth to be decommissioned. It is up to the 'Wind crewmembers to show that there's life in the old girl left.
Epilogue Whither the USS Stellar Wind, NCC-1501A?
Nexus Space Line


These stories fill the gap between the time that the Stellar Wind is decommissioned and Kyle & Arcadia's new assignment on Space Station Nexus.

From the Beginning
(2,500 words)
Arcadia files the last of her paper work at SFHQ and goes over to Fighter Corps HQ to meet with Kyle. There she meets Amanda Peel and Commodore Cordell Naismith Chief of Staff of the Fighter Corps.

(not available - titles and descriptions are based on the first draft)

Games People Play
The Starfleet Fighter Corps Experimental Team prepares for the annual Rigel Cup and all is not going well.
Nice Work If You Can Get It
A very wealthy Boffin Duchamps Gateway, former Yeoman to Captain Arcadia Devlin, learns all about the Rigel Cup and the gambling opportunity it presents.
But Not For Me
Captain Kyle Argent departs for the Rigel Cup Competition while Doctor Arcadia Devlin continues her studies at Taussig Hospital in San Francisco.
Don't Let it Show
Team Captain Damien Wyndham assesses his team's chances and his rivalry with Captain Kyle Argent.
Begin the Beguine
Captain Kyle Argent and his wingman, Lieutenant Rene Allegri fly their Shadowhawks to Regency Station.
May Be a Price to Pay
Upon his arrival, Kyle meets the mysterious media mogul Thomas Townsend who has an offer that Kyle can't refuse.
That's Entertainment!
Despite her intentions to the contrary, Arcadia finds herself keeping tabs on the Rigel Cup Competition and discovers that Kyle isn't doing as well as expected.
I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plans
Chief of Staff Commodore Cordell Naismith and X-Team Manager, Commodore Johnnie Jamison decide to bring in a 'secret weapon.'
You Stepped Out of a Dream
During an unfortunate accident on the Flight Deck, Captain Damien Wyndham meets the new Auxiliary Team Doctor and becomes captivated by her.
Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
The first formal dance of the Competition yields interesting results that no one could have predicted.
I've Got the World on a String
Captain Kyle Argent scores his first major competition win...
In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning ...but may be losing another one to Captain Damien Wyndham.
Green Eyes
Depending on which side of the fence you sit or bet on, rumors will have a different effect on you.
All or Nothing At All
Captain Kyle Argent doesn't feel like a winner when Commodore Cordell Naismith gives him some advice. On the other hand, Captain Damien Wyndham feels on top of the world whereas Doctor Arcadia Devlin must make a decision.
Nothing Left to Lose Decisions are made as lives are changed.
How Little We Know
Kyle Argent and Damien Wyndham come to an understanding.
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Captain Damien Wyndham confronts his past and reconciles it before the social event of the season, the one and only Regency Ball.
Authors' Notes on the
Rigel Cup
The Author's Discuss How They Dun It.
The Rigel Cup Adventures Continues: 
One Wedding and Almost a Funeral
The countdown is on as Arcadia and Kyle have only 60 hours in which to get married.
My Dinner with Amanda
(5,000 words)
Cordell and Amanda come to Dinner. Arcadia finds out more about both Amanda and Kyle and their mutual past.
The Secret Files of Machiavelli Argent
(not available)
Arcadia finds out about the secret life of Kyle's Feline. 
(Published in Stellar Visions II, now out of print.)
The Secret Life of Machiavelli Argent

Arcadia discovers that Kyle's Felinoid isn't just your average kitty cat.

(Note: See above for an earlier draft and a much different version set in the Star Trek universe.  "The Secret Life of Machiavelli Argent" was totally re-written for submission to professional publications and set in the Confederation Universe.)


Published in the June 2003 issue of EOTU Ezine of Fiction, Art & Poetry. Direct link to the story:
Anatomy Lesson
'nuff said.  
Warning: contains adult material!
If Looks Could Kill
(3,500 words)
Kyle and Arcadia host a post Rigel Cup Soiree at Westland Hall. Arcadia & Kyle agree to exchange favors much to Arcadia's dismay as she soon finds out that she definitely got the short end of the proverbial stick. 
Life is Short and The Art is Long
(5,500 words)
Kyle sees the aftermath of a fighter accident from Arcadia's point of view as a Healer.
Higher Love
(4,000 words)
(Note: Not part of the Nexus canon but presented as a bonus.) 
Warning: contains adult material!

(In Between Times: Registered with the US Copyright Office, 
TX 5-981-292, 28 September 1998)

Nexus Space Line



This is the Moment!
(6,000 words/118k)
January 2338 brings changes to Space Station Nexus when Captain Kyle Argent and Doctor Arcadia Argent arrive.
The Story in Your Eyes
What starts off as an apparent minor misunderstanding escalates into a full scale 'war' between the Medical and Flight Branches.
From Dawn till Dusk
(4,500 words/106k)
Nexus Nightly News' special February report on the Fighter Branch as presented by reporter, Kimberly Flowers. 
(Note: A slightly different version appears in Stellar Visions IV.)
Through the Window Darkly
(2,000 words/65k)
Niles Orumoff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Orumoff Universal Trading based on Nexus Station contemplates his life and the unexpected Nexus Night News' special report on the Fighter Branch.
Back in the High Life Again
(6,000 words/93k)
Captain Terrence Crown Blair, after years of riding a desk at Fighter HQ arrives in April to Space Station Nexus to take over as the new Director, Flight Operations. But has he been away from the front line for too long?
The Best Things in Life Are Free
(2,000 words/64k)
What can Arcadia give the Station Commander on his 43rd  Birthday?
Through the Fire and Into the Light: Inferno, Foreboding, Restoration, Recovery, Convalescence, Illumination, Transcendence, Comprehension, Insight, Realization.
(17,000 words/285k)
An almost perfect June day is ruined by a near fatal accident on the flight deck, but it yields new understandings and forges new friendships.
(2,000 words/62k)
The accident on the Flight Deck is analyzed revealing more than just information about the incident.
The Great Game
(30,500 words/419k)
A surprise take over of the Station's Port Authority and an unexpected summons by the Regent of Galena are the least of the Station Commander Kyle Argent's troubles.
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
(2,500 words/69k)
Niles Orumoff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Orumoff Universal Trading reflects on the new Station Commander's first year on Nexus.

(Nexus Year One: Registered with the US Copyright Office, 
TXu 981-349, 01 March 1999)

NEXUS YEAR 2, 2339

The Finer Things
(7,400 words/140k)
Captain and Doctor Argent give a party to celebrate the New Year of 2339 with the Flight Branch and some of the guests swap amusing stories of their misadventures in 'fleet.
(Cast of Characters)
One: You Lock the Target
Two: You Bait the Line
Three: You Slowly Spread the Net
Four: You Catch the Man
(75,000 words/1.0 megs total)
(see note at bottom)**
Some members of the Station are all excited about the upcoming opening of the new night club, Serenade in Blue, while others are busy trying to cause or avoid a tragedy.
Isn't Life Strange?
(2,000 words/69k)
The Grandmasters make "Lady Hawk" one of their own.
One Moment in Time

Former Squadron Commander Kyle Argent accepts the Fighter Corps' most prestigious award for his Wing of Nighthawks on the old Soyakaze while the former CO lays her own demons to rest.

(Published in UFPI's Intergalactic Viewscreen 2007)
His Majesty Requests
(52,000 words/728k total)
The Regent of Galena invites the Argents to attend his Spring Gala where Kyle crosses swords with the Regent's boorish son. Because of his embarrassment over his son, the Regent also invites the Argents to the Galenan Festival of Plays to watch Shakespeare's "Henry V" while the Station's new Perimeter Action Ships battle the odds against the rogue Orion Pirates.
An Unexpected Death
(not available)
An accident on the flight deck gives a mortally wounded tactical officer an opportunity to teach about life and living.
A Good Death An accident on the flight deck gives a mortally wounded tactical officer an opportunity to teach about life and living.
Put Your Dreams Away
(4,500 words/108k) with Chris Wallace
Dutch nervously awaits Ravyn's return while Chris and Yuki receive unexpected news.
A Question of Priorities
(not available)
The Station Commander and the Chief Medical Officer clash over the disposition of a Galenan citizen's request for asylum.
His Majesty Regrets The Station Commander and the Chief Medical Officer clash over the disposition of a Galenan citizen's request for asylum.
Rigel Cup II
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Boffin takes his Rigel Cup winnings and starts the Nexus Free Trade Corporation.
Tea for Two
Boffin invites Niles to "tea" and they each privately reflect on the year 2339.

NEXUS YEAR 3, 2340

His Majesty Reveals
A Cat Without Pity Mac discovers that his collection was stolen and finds a unique way of dealing with the culprit.
Machiavelli Argent and the Raiders of the Lost Shorts While divesting himself of his collection, Mac encounters a a very strange group of people.

NEXUS YEAR 4, 2341

These Little Piggies Came to Nexus
Mac watches the Flying Pig Pen Squadron come a-calling spreading their own brand of joy and good will.
Nexus Space Line
These stories take place well after the above, during 2370s...
Home Port
by Chris "Tigger" Wallace 
(with Kurt & Allyson)
The USS Bright Star arrives at Nexus Space Dock and Admiral Wallace pays a visit to some old friends.
(Note: Available in  the pdf zine: Stellar Visions IV.)


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